Hi! I'm Kelly Brown, the mixed media artist from Toledo, Ohio who hand makes all of the little creations of Mini Miscellaneous.
 I graduated from The Columbus College of Art & Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree majoring in illustration in 1996.  After spending 12 years painting large murals and faux finishes for residential and commercial spaces I am thrilled to now focus on making these teeny artworks.
 I was always fascinated with miniatures as a child and I like to collect magnets from every place I travel. Unlike many other mini artists, I do not use polymer clay to make my creations. I love thinking creatively to come up with new ways to make mini food or paint & create mini objects using a variety of mixed media.

Seeing people smile when they encounter my mini artworks is the best! I love the joy that spreads when people are charmed by seeing something they recognize in a tiny format.  I look forward to making more mini miscellaneous creations! 



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